Meet Gina

​Gina Albanese, MS, LAc

specializes in Asian Medicine and complementary health care. She is a licensed acupuncturist and certified postural alignment specialist. She is dedicated to treating the whole person — the Body, Mind and Spirit.
Gina holds a Master of Science Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, California. She is also certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine. Gina owns and operates her private practice in Portland, Oregon, where she works with individuals that have made a commitment to their own personal wellness. She believes that everyone is well and helps them to see how their thoughts and emotions can manifest physically. She knows the importance of addressing the root or source of their condition and helps her clients to become more aware of how their choices in life affect their health on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.
Gina Albanese combines Eastern and Western philosophies, creating a synergistic approach that allows the body to come back to its natural state of balance. She tailors her treatments to effectively work with each individual’s unique expression. She addresses unhealthy beliefs that hold people back from their true potential. Gina inspires all her clients to shift their thinking about “dis-ease” and see that they have the innate ability to heal. She has extensive experience providing holistic treatment, blending the healing modalities of acupuncture, Tui Na Massage, relaxation and breathing techniques, yoga poses, corrective exercises, and whole food nutritional healing.
In addition to her clinical experience, Gina understands the demands that competitive sports and active lifestyles place on the body. While training as a track and field athlete, she worked through injuries by designing her own rehabilitation program, resulting in two national titles in the 400-meter hurdles and recognition as an All American 9 times. She was on the Olympic Festival Team and closed her track career as a competitor at the 1992 US Olympic Trials. This experience has helped her to understand the physical and emotional challenges to the mind and body. She has been able to transfer this knowledge to practice through providing sports acupuncture services to the athletes at UCSD, the Oregon Track Classic, the Portland Marathon, and various soccer tournaments and triathlons. In 2004, Gina joined Portland State University’s Sports Medicine Team and continues to treat these athletes today. Gina treats individuals of all levels, from the recreational athlete to the professional. She has had the privilege of working with athletes from the NFL, PGA, and the Women’s Olympic Soccer Team, loving her role in supporting their Life’s Dream.
Gina Albanese is passionate about working with people to help them heal, assisting others in improving the quality of their lives. For more than 15 years, she has been dedicated to working with athletes, sports officials, youth, and adults, to help them achieve their fitness goals and realize their potential. In 2003, Gina was certified as a personal fitness trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. In addition she has done extensive training in assessing and correcting her client’s postural alignment. Gina is certified by ADAPT (Athletic Development and Performance Therapy) and in Symmetry for Health, a unique physics based program that focuses on pain remediation through postural re-alignment via corrective exercises. She designs personalized exercise routines to enhance one’s own mechanical efficiency and gets them back to performing optimally. Gina is also certified by the Yoga Alliance as a Yoga Therapist. She teaches Pranayama (Breath Work) and Asana (Yoga Poses) to guide people on their journey to Awareness and Personal Freedom. Gina is dedicated to facilitating health, well being and success in all of her clients.