“I am a local duathlete (run/bike/run) who competes all over the NW, but also at national and international competitions. I race for Team USA at the World Championships whenever I am able to. I was referred to Gina by a friend when I had a hamstring issue years ago. Gina helped me work through my injury and has helped me through several injuries, allergies, and health issues since then. Most recently I tore my hip labrum and was having significant issues with chronic pain and limited motion in my hip. I was not sold on the idea of having surgery and continued to train and race even with my hip problem. I was often pushing through the pain and sought out other therapy including chiropractic, PRP injections, Prolotherapy and massage therapy. Nothing seemed to help except the acupuncture. After each treatment I would notice decreased pain and a noteable difference in movement. I would often have much faster runs the days after treatments. I recently had to have surgery on the tear due to the severity of it, but I don’t think I would have been able to compete at all last season if it wasn’t for Gina. I am excited to work with her through the healing process and know she will be able to help me through my next season as well. Gina is an amazing athlete herself and I find it reassuring to know she can personally relate to me in that way. I highly recommend Gina!”
Laura Wiley


“I have always been deathly afraid of needles but when I came into camp with the National team in Portland with a nagging injury, I was willing to try anything. After a few treatments with Gina at Northwest AcuHealth I was back out on the field with my team, playing at the highest level and pain free! I wish I had the luxury of Gina and her services for my whole career! Shannon Mac Millan, 1996 Olympic gold medalist, 1999 World Champion, 2000 Olympic Silver medalist, 2003 World Cup third place team, 2004 alternate to Olympic gold medal team, 2002 US Soccer female athlete of the year, 2014 University of Portland Hall of Fame.”
Shannon Mac Millan

Soccer Legend

“The numerous treatments I have received at Northwest AcuHealth helped me recover quickly from various sports injuries and got me back competing at a 100%. Not only did my sessions help me recover physically, but they also relieved the stress that builds up from competing and life in general.”
Jordan Senn

NFL Linebacker

“My name is Macie Lewis, I am 14 years old and I am a basketball player. I have been experiencing back pain since the start of my Winter Season, which began around November and it is now July. When I told my mom about my back pain, the first thing she suggested was acupuncture. Like most people, I am not a fan of needles, but getting acupuncture is not anywhere near the pain of getting a shot. Acupuncture is relaxing, so relaxing that you can take naps during the appointment. Acupuncture, also relieves stress. Because of acupuncture, I am able to play basketball pain free. If a 14 year old can get acupuncture, then so can you! Thank you for everything Gina!!”
Macie Lewis

High School Basketball Player

Microlight Therapy & Essential oils ~ “It beeped, and it kind of tickled. It helped it feel better!”

4yrs old, broken clavicle

“Throughout my golf career, I have experienced injuries including back, shoulder, and elbow. I chose Gina Albanese ten years ago because of her Sports Medicine expertise and her holistic mind and body wellness knowledge. I have undergone mind and body healing with her guidance and have become a better human being and golfer in the process. I strongly recommend her to all my family, friends and associates.”
Joe Peccia

PGA Golf Professional

“I’ve known Gina for over 15 years. Gina is a true healer. She is an accomplished licensed acupuncturist, certified yoga therapist and structural analysis practitioner, who has a deep understanding of the human body and it’s inner workings. Aside from this, she’s an all around good human being who is calm, grounded and just in her approach to her work. She is attentive and compassionate and sees her patients through inquisitive eyes. As a patient of hers, I’ve had the opportunity to experience this first hand. As a massage therapist, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with Gina, repeatedly witnessing the depth of her insights and expertise. It is without reservation that I wholeheartedly recommend Gina Albanese.”
Erica W. Kessler


“Two years ago, I was struggling with stress and anxiety and decided to go to Gina for acupuncture so that I could continue to lead a happy, healthy life without pharmaceuticals. Along with treatments in acupuncture and massage, Gina has also provided me with tools, advice, and exercises that I can easily do at home to rebalance and sustain myself. Her approach to eastern medicine has changed my life and total health. She is a healer of both physical ailments and mental and emotional stability. A session with Gina is a spiritual renewal; I leave feeling so light, yet grounded and calm. Acupuncture has helped to quiet my mind and has enhanced my overall wellness. Gina’s scope of practice includes but isn’t limited to, acupuncture, bodywork, nutrition, lifestyle change and counseling, aiding in the treatment of the whole person. When I feel like I’m getting a little off-kilter, I turn to Gina and immediately feel relief from whatever ails me. Gina’s healing practice is a special gift to this world and I am fortunate to know her. Thanks Gina for helping my body, mind and spirit help itself!”
Tara Lemezis

Office Manager, Photographer

“In 1991, I sustained severe spinal injuries during a parachute accident. I was lucky and “only” left with permanent nerve damage, chronic pain and ever more frequent periods of almost complete incapacitation. I was taking over-the-counter pain relievers daily and heavy narcotic pain killers/muscle relaxants when “my back was out”. I couldn’t live anything close to what I consider to be a normal life. A year and a half ago I made the decision to try something beyond traditional medicine and turned to Gina for help. In short, she has literally changed my life. I am almost completely pain free now, my activity level increased tremendously, and periods of incapacitation – Gone! Yes, I have occasional pain and muscle spasm, but Gina gets me back to normal almost immediately – usually with just one treatment. Oh, by the way – I have a rather severe phobia – I do not like needles. Period! Gina talked me through the procedure and set me at complete ease. Does it hurt? Not at all! Does it work? Yes! Do you have an injury or pain? Call Gina!

Thanks, Gina, for returning me to a life I enjoy living!”

Bill Ragsdale

Army Veteran, Bill Ragsdale is a 21 year Army veteran and recorded 700 military and sports parachute jumps during his career.

“I came to Gina in a pretty low state (physically and mentally.) The previous year, as a sophomore at PSU pursuing a bachelor’s of music degree with a focus in jazz guitar, I had developed a severe case of tendonitis. This had prevented me from playing guitar and was the cause of daily pain in both my arms, back and neck. What Gina offered me was not a magic one session miracle cure, but a holistic, practical, and comforting approach to treatment. In addition to acupuncture (which brought more relief than all the massage, physical therapy, and medication I had tried) Gina showed me the immense impact diet, stretching, exercising, and posture can have on repetitive motion injuries like tendonitis. I’ve made appointments with Gina a regular part of my life and her skills have helped me stay healthy and musically active for the last five years!”
Adam Brock‏


“I have been pretty active my whole life, playing basketball, violin and needing to move around and use my hands to learn best. At the beginning of my senior year of high school, I was hit by a car while I was crossing the street. I did a total of 3 years of physical therapy and had neck surgery, where the doctor made a mistake, causing nerve pain. Nothing gave me more relief, before and after the surgery, for the pain from the accident then acupuncture. It was extremely relaxing and and was able to unwind the muscles that were strained from the accident. I also have chronic respiratory symptoms and acupuncture was great for when I started feeling illness coming. Not only was the treatment great, Gina is truly one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and that combination actually caused me to switch from wanting to work in allopathic medicine to naturapathic/chinese medicine.”
Rebecca Raccanelli

Naturopathic Student

I first met Gina in 2002 at a triathlon. She worked on me and gave me great advice for a SC jt problem I was having. Over the years she has treated me, she has cured my cat allergies (yes, pretty amazing!), rebalanced muscles in multiple parts of my body, calmed down anxiety (I didn’t even know I was having), helped major tooth pain and has helped keep my body in balance. As the fate would have it, she ended up working at the same clinic I worked at. We have shared hundreds of patients and I feel she is one of the best in her field. One of the things that makes her so good is she looks at you as a person; mind, body, spirit, not just a body part or diagnosis. She is extremely intelligent and enjoys continually learning to help her patients. One thing I hear often when some one is new to acupuncture is, “Do the needles hurt?” I personally rarely feel the needles she puts in. Gina has a strong but gentle hand and a loving heart. I do not hesitate to recommend Gina to anyone. She’s GREAT!!
Carolyn Rockholm

Physical Therapist

“As a college student interested in the sports medicine field, I had the opportunity to observe Gina treat a patient who was having elbow pain. Having no previous experience with acupuncture, I had no idea what to expect. It is something that I never really thought I would try as treatment due to feelings of uneasiness around needles, but I was also very unaware of the variety of symptoms that acupuncture is able to treat. The atmosphere of the room was very relaxing with sounds of nature in the background. Gina is very friendly and personable with her patients, as well as extremely knowledgeable about her profession. I really like that her main goal is to treat the source of the problem through natural treatment and a healthy lifestyle, rather than simply treating the immediate pain. After observing her provide treatment, acupuncture would now be one of the first methods I would try if I were to have a pain or injury. I am now considering this as my future profession because of what I have learned through Gina about acupuncture and natural healing.”
Kaitlyn Oster

College Student

“At the beginning of February, I was unable to swing a hammer or lift weights due to a old shoulder injury. After a few sessions of acupuncture with Gina, I found myself on a frozen waterfall at the “Ghost” near Canmore in Alberta Canada. There was no room for mistakes, my swing had to be perfect, my shoulder could not let me down. The two weeks of ice climbing were a complete success. The pain was gone, the rotation was back to normal and the strength had returned. Thanks, Gina, for getting me back climbing.”
Joe Owens

Professional Mountain Guide, Joe Owens is a professional guide for Timberline Mountain Guides and is a member of the American Mountain Guides Association. He is a volunteer with Portland Mountain Rescue and a member of Clackamas County Sheriff's technical response team. He has a USA Level 3 avalanche certification and teaches avalanche rescue and winter survival.

I sought acupuncture treatment for low back and hip muscles that were bound due to fibromyalgia. Within a short time my daily pain has decreased and my mobility increased so much that I could once again walk with ease. I am now able to exercise and be more physically active. My quality of life has greatly improved since beginning treatment with Gina at Northwest AcuHealth.
Lisa B

Social Worker

I first turned to acupuncture when I had tried everything else and nothing had worked. I had a stubborn, recurring sinus infection that wouldn’t go away. My mother suggested I go see a naturopath and the naturopath asked if I would be open to trying acupuncture. Desperate to be well, I agreed. I was skeptical, but quickly became a believer in the healing power of a few carefully placed needles. When the final needle was inserted right between my eyes, the sinus congestion literally disappeared; it was instantly gone. I don’t know how or why acupuncture works, I just know that it does. I have used acupuncture to treat a wide variety of ailments – pain, illness and stress – and always been delighted with the results of the treatment. Most recently, Gina has been working on my ankle. I had a nasty injury that was initially misdiagnosed as a sprained ankle. After eight weeks of resting, icing, elevating and wrapping my ankle, taking anti-inflammatories and going to physical therapy my ankle was not healing. It was still swollen, still extremely painful and still several different unnatural shades of purple, green and gray. So I called Gina. After a single treatment, the color returned to the ankle and I began to finally heal. Gina has used acupuncture, cold laser, Gua Sha, cupping and Kineseotape on my ankle and the combination of therapies has been perfect. At different stages in my healing process, certain treatment methods have been more important. I went through a phase when I could really feel the laser working on the soft tissue inside my ankle. Then there were a few months where I was addicted to Kineseotape. It really helped manage the swelling I would get in the ankle after a day of heavy activity. Currently, I am in love with cupping, especially the tiny cups. Gina has actually measured the range of motion in my ankle immediately before and after an acupuncture treatment and the increase is remarkable and quantifiable. I don’t know where I’d be without Gina. My ankle is stronger, and really my entire body is in better shape than before my injury. My recovery would not have been so successful without acupuncture and alternative treatment.

I always look forward to my acupuncture appointments with Gina. That time is time that I have set aside for myself, some “me time”. Some people might enjoy a manicure or a massage, but to me, there is nothing more relaxing than acupuncture. Unwinding is challenging for me. I have trouble shutting off my mind, being still and just breathing. I’m not sure if it is the expertly placed needles, the super-comfy table, the cozy atmosphere, the soothing tunes playing softly in the background or Gina’s calming personality, but I always walk out feeling rested and rejuvenated.

Laura Blacker


I have been receiving treatment from Gina periodically since 2003 for injuries I have gotten from playing competitive soccer. I often find that even just one acupuncture treatment can relieve my pain and get me back playing again. Gina has also given me advice on athletic training strategies to work specific muscle groups and build my core strength so that I can prevent injuries. In addition, I see Gina as a resource for my total health. She has treated me for lung congestion with cupping and acupuncture, for various health issues that pharmaceuticals couldn’t touch and also for digestion because I have food allergies. I can not say enough about how much Gina has helped me.

Women's Soccer Player, Age 33

“I came to Gina near the end of a futile search for headache and neck pain relief. Having suffered from stress-related chronic pain for more than three years, I was at the end of my rope. Physical therapy, braces, compulsive stretching, medication…nothing could kick this pain. One session on Gina’s table, and I knew I had found my soulmate in healing. Gina is thorough, taking into account the whole body, from the physical to the mental to the emotional. She takes the time to really tune in to the body’s current state and knows exactly what to do to address the issues at hand. Gina is generous with her knowledge, explaining what she’s doing and why and helping me understand my own body’s ability to heal. Most people might find acupuncture scary or painful, but I can attest that my time on the table in Gina’s treatment room is some of the most relaxing I’ve ever experienced. The attuned attention to me – and only me – during my sessions is why I continue to go back, week after week. I walk away from our sessions in awe of how much better I feel. Gina has provided the relief for my pain that I had so desperately searched for, and I am endlessly grateful for having discovered her and her magical healing powers.”
Bekki Witt, Communications

Specialist by day, Celebration Consultant by night

“Gina Albanese, LAc volunteered as an acupuncturist with the Portland State University Sports Medicine team for eight years. During her time she treated various athletic injuries including acute sprains/strains, chronic and post surgical pain. Overuse and chronic condition such as patellar tendonitis, medial tibial stress syndrome and osteitis pubis respond well to acupuncture. Many of the athletes found relief and benefit from the treatments reporting that they were able to continue competing at a high level despite their injuries. Gina worked well with the athletes that expressed fear of needles or belief that acupuncture wouldn’t work. Gina has a pleasant personality and worked well with all of our athletes. Her personal experience as an athlete provided an additional level of trust with the athletes. As a staff, we feel strongly that acupuncture is a beneficial treatment.”
Jim Wallis

MS ATC/R CKTI Asst. Athletic Director/Sports Medicine

“Integrating acupuncture into our physical therapy practice has been an effective tool in providing a complete approach in patient rehabilitation. I see healing occur at a more rapid pace. Patients tolerate our manual therapy with fewer flare ups. Our patients love Gina’s empathy and excellent care.”
Patrick Pua

P.T., Laurelhurst Physical Therapy Clinic, LLC

“I am a recreational athlete. I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee and running long distances. The first time I visited Gina was for a pain in my foot that was affecting my running. After one session I felt better, and it paved the way to my recovery. I no longer feel any foot pain at all. The second time I visited was for pain and tightness in my hamstrings. While I’m still working through this issue, Gina gave me a number of suggestions beyond the standard acupuncture treatment that have helped me work with my hamstrings and start getting them back to normal. I trust Gina because she was an athlete herself and knows what athletes need to get back to the sports they love. She is friendly and professional, and her extensive experience with other athletes with similar issues is apparent. She uses a combination of ancient Eastern knowledge and modern technology to deliver the best service available.”
Erin Devlin

Recreational Athlete

“Coming from a traditional Western medical family, I was skeptical about the benefits of Acupuncture, but, I found little help for my Peripheral Neuropathy in Western medicine. Gina was recommended to me by one of the massage therapists in her building and has been very helpful in reducing the discomfort from my neuropathy. I am impressed not only by her knowledge of acupuncture but additionally with her background in sports training and body alignment. With her help, I have significantly improved my posture which has reduced or eliminated other aches and sore muscles. And surprisingly, acupuncture needles don’t hurt! I highly recommend Gina Albanese.”

Karen Blomquist

Retired Professional